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Where We Shop: An electric mix of specialty stores, restaurants draw customers to Arlington's Lee Heights Shops

From the Washington Post by Sharon McLoone
Monday, May 3, 2010

The Lee Heights Shops stretch across a long block between North Arlington's busy Old Dominion Drive and Lorcom Lane.They don't go unnoticed. The shops' colorful awnings catch the eye. Even mid-morning on a Tuesday, the front parking lot is full of shiny minivans, sedans and sport-utility vehicles whose passengers have come in search of a tasty treat or a unique retailer, many of which have been in the location for decades...

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America Seafood

From the Washington Post by Jane Touzalin
Wednesday, January 16, 2008; Page F03

It's hard to tell what Gary Royce is proudest of: his Key West roots, his special salads or his favorite football team. All are in evidence at the small seafood store Royce and his wife, Martha, own and run behind Arlington's Lee Heights Shops.

Fresh fish and shellfish once were the only products at the shop, where the walls are sprinkled with colorful mementos of Royce's Florida home town and a blue-and-silver Dallas Cowboys logo sits on a countertop. But several years ago, Royce began building a repertoire of prepared foods. Now his salads, soups, sandwiches and platters fill an ever-changing menu that, he estimates, accounts for more than a quarter of his sales...



From DC Pages

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Bradshaw's Shoes

Named as best children’s shoe store by Washington Family Magazine

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From the Washington Post By Moira E. McLaughlin
Friday, July 11, 2008

Sure to Satisfy a Kiwi Sweet Tooth

At first (or last) glance: Some foodies might say that the test of a good restaurant is not what comes at the main course, but rather, what comes before it. The bread, they say, is a good indication of what is to come.

For me, it's the opposite. It's what comes at the end of the meal (the desserts and coffee) that is the true test of a good restaurant.

With that in mind, Cassatt's, "a Kiwi cafe" in Arlington with its own in-house pastry chef, Dawn Lahr, is a pleaser. From the lemon tart to the apple and pine nut torte, there is a treat for every type of sweet tooth. The pavlova is especially tasty, so light that it practically melts in your mouth...

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Child's Play

From Arlington Connection
August 2010

Barston’s Child’s Play is like a dream come true for children and parents. The toy store is packed with all types of toys, puzzles, fun kid’s stuff and a downstairs bookstore. The prices are also affordable. "We honestly care about the children," said manager Liz Tromba. Barston’s employees try to find the perfect gift, toy or book for a particular child by giving customers one-on-one attention and advice. Barston’s has weekly story hours. "We just want to change the world one child, one parent and one toy at a time," said Tromba.


From Yelp
Sept. 9, 2008

Do I have to have a kid, a nephew or niece, or friends with kids to shop here?  (Because I don't.)  Can I just come and play all on my own?  They have toys for tots, toys for kids, and toys for kids pushing thirty (me?).  Walk past the wall of stuffed animals, the walls of toddler toys, hit the science experiments for younger kids to your right, the board games (they even have both versions of Ticket to Ride!) straight ahead, the costumes, the books for kids and parents in the back left corner, the crafts (that's for me), and just name it, they've got it.  (The only thing they don't have is yarn.)  

Parking in back, helpful and polite service (necessary to navigate the profusion of everything everywhere), and lots of examples of toys to "sample".  And the icing on the cake:  Complimentary gift wrap and reasonably priced ($3) birthday cards.

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chipotleChipotle Mexican Grill

From Epinions

Oct 30, 2008

The perfect Chipotle burrito

Pros:Burritos are perfect, As are the chips. Unique restaurants.
Cons:I have to settle for its lesser competitors all too often.
The Bottom Line: You may like your local burrito joint, but Chipotle is, without question, as good as it gets.

Just as I envy residents of Cincinnati who take Skyline Chili for granted, I envy anyone with easy access to a "Chipotle Mexican Grill." There isn't one within 200 mile radius of Knoxville, or many parts of the country, for that matter. I'm left with Qdoba or Moe's... ech. Sure, there's the local Mexican joint owned by a wonderful couple that makes every burrito from scratch, but if it's not from Chipotle, it's just not a substitute.

What it is: "Chipotle Mexican Grill." Let's get this out of the way first... this is a burrito joint, not a Mexican restaurant. Although it's heavily influenced by Mexican cuisine, and some of my duller friends still are hung up that "it's not REAL Mexican cuisine."

Well duh. I know there's probably a local mom and pop place that you like, but even as someone whose heart sympathizes with "indie burrito joints," nobody has come close to Chipotle.

It is NOT owned by McDonald's. At one time, McDonald's was a major investor, but Chipotle has since returned to independence. It's also important to note that Chipotle is considered the 'original' gourmet burrito joint, predating Moe's and QDoba.

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Crisp and Juicy Chicken

From the Washingtonian reviewed by Cynthia Hacinli, Todd Kliman, Sara Levine, Ann Limpert, Erin Zimmer

August 2007

Peruvian chicken spots are nearly as ubiquitous in the suburbs as burger stops and ice-cream shops. This chicken joint turns out one of the tastiest birds around.

A whole chicken ($9.35), charcoal-grilled and encrusted with spices, will feed three hearty eaters, but it’s available in halves ($5.55) and quarters ($3.80) as well. The flavorful, smoke-infused meat is also good cold and makes a great leftover hash. Too bad the sides—save for properly caramelized plantains—are forgettable.

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From Arlington Connection by David Schultz
Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2008

Facets Fine Jewelry store. Locally owned and operated, Facets is located in the Lee Heights Shops near Old Dominion Drive. Alicia Arnold is a fourth-generation jeweler who works with her father at Facets. “It’s a really good time to buy jewelry,” she said. “This is the time to buy before [the economy] gets better.” Facets Fine Jewelry is one of the few jewelry stores that do repairs and restorations onsite. They also handcraft their own merchandise. One of the items Arnold is most proud of is an $895 necklace she made herself with gold, diamonds and a geode-like ore called druzy. “Jewelry is not consumable,” she said. “You’ll have it for the rest of your life. [It’s a] tangible memory.”

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Lemon Twist

From Arlington Connection
August 2010

When Jessica Dennis was a little girl, her mom took her to shop at The Lemon Twist. Now Dennis takes her young daughter to the fashionable boutique store. "It’s been a staple in our family," said Dennis. The Lemon Twist offers a wide selection of women’s and children’s clothing as well as accessories from designers like Vera Bradley. It has a wide selection of jewelry and unique gifts and also offers a small variety of mens’ and boys’ clothing. Sales associate Claire Layton said The Lemon Twist is like a second home for many faithful customers. "It’s a really warm environment," she said.


It is wonderful to shop at a place that I've visited for more than two decades and still find things I like. Lemon Twist is an authentic little Chevy Chase boutique that sells dresses, sweaters, Vera Bradley luggage and handbags, fashion jewelry, neckties, and gifts. Their spin-off The Lemon Drop has similar items for your younger (and littler) family members and gift recipients.

The colorful items and bountiful displays make this a place that has something for almost anyone. Simple, but darling, gift packaging makes each gift from the Lemon Twist special. They will even wrap a pair of cute socks if you ask!

If you like Vera Bradley or Lilly Pulitzer, this shop is waiting for you! Free parking in a lot behind the shop and cheerful staff make this an easy place to frequent.

Pastries by Randolph

From Yelp
August 18, 2008

Two years ago I came here with my husband for our first time and fell in love. Each time I go I try something new, and not once have i been disappointed. Must say my favorite is a tossup between the kugglehaugh, white chocolate mousse cake, or the chocolate lovers cheesecake. They REALLY know how to get your mouth watering, from the moment you view their showcase you will have a tough time choosing one, they are ALL Sooooooo Delicious looking. Any chance you get stop by and try something. You Will not regret it. Also make sure to try the Mango Mousse....Ridiculously Delicious TRUST ME!!!!!!

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March 8, 2009

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Random Harvest

From the Washington Post
Thursday, October 4, 2007; Page H05

About the name: It's a favorite book, and when I started this business it really was a random harvest. It still is. It's one of the things we're trying to maintain.
Timeline: First area store opened in Alexandria in 1988, a second in Georgetown in 1996 (those locations have since moved into larger spaces in the same neighborhoods). The Bethesda location opened six years ago. RH Studio, a more contemporary version, opened two years ago in Georgetown.
Background: When I was little, Barbie never had nice clothes, but she always had a very nice house...

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